Raised in the islands of O'ahu, Chermaine, the oldest of 5 siblings moved to Las Vegas, NV with her parents in 1998.   Soon after High School, She met Kenneth, a Las Vegas native. 
    After they had there first child in 2005, Chermaine became a stay at home mother and started to make slideshows for ALL occasions; for friends and family on the side to make extra income.  Clientelle soon started to grow.    She then discovered that developing slideshows was not enough as she always had passion in creating breathtaking videos..from wedding slideshows to website commercials--She  found new joy in producing webmercials for business' ;when she made one for her own slideshow business. 
   Chermaine and Kenneth have been creating slideshows and webmercials for almost 4 years now.  Her love for creativity has driven her to stay at home with her (now 3 children) and still create videos that are both breathtaking AND captivating.
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