Before you begin digging through old photos, here are a few questions to ask yourself?.


  1. How long do I want the video to be? (chose a package as a guideline)
  2. What emotion do I want the viewer to get from the video?
  3. Should I sort the pictures as if to tell a story of my life? (baby pictures first)
  4. Title ideas? Personal message ideas? Are captions necessary for the audience to understand the photos?
  5. What music should I chose? (the music you select will set the mood of your slideshow. If possible, use both sentimental and upbeat songs so your slideshow can inspire laughter & tears.)  


Steps to creating a slideshow

1. Choose a package

2. Fill out an online form

3. Within 24 hours we will contact you

4. The hard part is over! We will walk you through the rest of the process..


 There are 3 ways to submit your photos:


  1. Scan your photos or send them to a local lab to be scanned , and send them to us on a CD-R (please be sure to number photos in the order you would like them to be i.e. 001,002,003)

  1. E-mail photos as an attachment to MUST be numbered in the order you would like them to be shown in the video ?i.e. 001, 002, 003, 004 ) if they are NOT numbered, we will place them in the order of which we feel is best.  
  2. Send us your physical photos to be scanned ($ .20 per photo)


If you are sending photos to be scanned:

A)  Number each photo in the order you would like it to appear (write a number on the back of each photo with a pencil.)  Do not rely on placing the photos in the correct order in the package as they may shift during shipment. Do not tape your photos onto sheets of paper.
B)  Place your photos into zip-Lock bags labeled by their section/song.
C)  Your photos will be returned to you when your slide show is shipped or delivered (
LV res.)
*note*(Cut-up photos are not recommended but if you MUST have it in your video, please note that we will do our best to make it fit and look right in the show)
After you have placed your order, we will personally work step by step with you, incorporating your ideas to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your slideshow.


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