StillMemory Slideshow



Approx. 5 minutes
35 photos
1 song
1 background
1 title/1conclusion
1 caption
basic zoom effect
fade in/out transitions
1 DVD w/ label


Approx. 9 minutes
Up to 70 photos
2 songs
2 backgrounds
2 titles/1 conclusion
up to 3 captions
all effects
       all transitions
2 personal messages
1 DVD w/ label







Approx. 12 minutes
Up to 120 photos
3 songs
various backgrounds
all effects
all transitions
unlimited captions
3 personal messages
1 title
1 conclusion
2 DVD w/ label


Approx. 17 minutes
Up to 160 pictures
4 songs
various backgrounds
all effects
all transitions
unlimited captions
unlimited personal
4 titles/1conclusion
3 DVD’s(for keepsake)
2 video clips
10% off next slideshow
(-$25 if you do
not wish to include
video clips)




(to be played as a
background at your event)
Approx. 24 minutes
Up to 200 photos
*MUST be saved on a CD-R
and sent to us*
(no exceptions)
6 songs
zoom effects
 basic fade transitions
Up to 2 background colors OR mask
(can go with color of your event)
1 Title/1 Conclusion


$.50   per title or caption
$1.00 per song to DL
$1.50 per addtl. Photos that exceed package.
$3.00 gift wrapping p/ DVD
$3.00 per personal message
$3.00 per credit
$15.00 per video clip
$15.00 per extra DVD
$.20   we scan (per photo)
*prices are subject to change


Caption: A label  or quote next to a specific photo.
Title: Text that introduces an entire group of photos.
Personal Message: A poem, letter, scripture, or message (etc) you would like to have on the video.
Conclusion: The end of the slideshow (i.e. Thank you for sharing this special day with us..)
Production time typically takes 4-6 days.  Delivery time; 2-3 weeks, (not including locals; pick up or delivery)
Expedited services are also available based upon the date of your event for an additional charge.


1/2 payment due before production starts. Other half is due when video is done and before it is shipped/delivered.

 (Make a payment with PayPal )
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